Membership Rating System

Play Kingdom's Membership Rating System starts with rookies. The more you contribute to the activation of the Play Kingdom, the higher your rank will be.

Play Kingdom Membership Rating

  1. Rookie

  2. Apprentice

  3. Squire

  4. Senior Squire

  5. Knight

  6. Knight Commander

  7. Master

  8. Grand Master

  9. King

  10. Emperor

All users can maintain or advance their current level by acquiring Purple Stone. Purple Stone can be earned through various activities on the platform, such as purchasing, trading, engaging with content, and participating in the community.

Ways to earn Purple Stone include:

  • Credit Purchase (FT, NFT, Asset, etc.)

  • Trading Volume

  • Activities (content search, community participation, posting, comments, guild participation, game participation, transaction, etc.)

  • Ranking

  • Token Staking

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