Terms of Services

Terms of Service

Article 1 Objective and Application Scale

  1. These Terms of Service aim to define the rights and obligations between the user and the member and the service provider, Mega Corporation Co., Ltd.(hereinafter the “Company”), regarding the entire service (see the Definition of Terms in Article 2 Clause 1,hereinafter the “PlayKingdom Service”) and explain what is applied by using the service of a company provided on a third -party website or the platform. However, in the case of the PlayKingdom onboarding DAOs,games, excluding contents related to the PlayKingdom Service, which is independently serviced by a third party, please note that the terms and conditions of each app are applied first.

  2. Users and members recognize that they are adults with legal ability to use the service by using PlayKingdom Service, and they are considered to fully understand the terms and conditions of this use and agree to all items in the Terms of Service. If a user or member has no legal ability to use PlayKingdom Service or does not agree with these terms of use, he or she must stop any actions that access or use PlayKingdom Service.

  3. The user and the member agree that when using the PlayKingdom Service, all services may be stopped and changed at any time, depending on the blockchain network, technology, environment, and all matters. When using the PlayKingdom Service or service directly connected to the PlayKingdom Service, it is considered to be agreed to the contents specified in this document.

Article 2 Definition of Terms

The Terms herein shall be defined as follows :

  1. ”PlayKingdom Service'' refers to each services on the following items provided by Mega Corporation CO., Ltd.(https://playkingdom.io).

    1. Providing Digital Asset Information: It is a service providing information about the digital asset such as prices of PKT, K3K Token and each PlayKingdom onboarded utility tokens etc.

    2. Providing Dapp Information: User and member can find information about PlayKingdom onboarded dapps. Within the Exchange, users can freely swap PKT tokens for goods in all Dapps. It also supports trading between different utility tokens within the platform. A small fee is charged according to the Exchange policy.

    3. Staking is a system where users can contribute to the stabilization of the blockchain network by depositing their assets into Play Kingdom's DEX. Users can receive various rewards reliably in return for staking their assets. There is a liquidity pool in Play Kingdom's staking system. When the service is launched, a liquidity pool is formed that pairs tokens between PKT and utility tokens, and any user of Play Kingdom can deposit their assets to become a Liquidity Provider (LP). As low liquidity can cause significant volatility, sufficient liquidity supply is critical, and participants contributing to it receive rewards.

    4. De-Fi is a platform service provided by Play Kingdom to enhance user value. Within De-Fi, there are various token utilities offered by the Play Kingdom platform, as well as asset management functions in the onboarding services.

5. Play Kingdom users can hold and trade various assets within the platform without going outside. We provide Bridge services to support safe and perfect transactions regardless of the type of chain. Using Bridge technology, users can exchange tokens and goods that exist in various networks. Token and coin holders pay a fee to Play Kingdom for on-chain transaction execution, which is then traded for assets of various networks supported by Play Kingdom.

    1. PlayKingdom offers three types of points (Red Stone, Blue Stone, Purple Stone) based on user activity and actions. Purple Stone can be obtained through the synthesis of Red Stone and Blue Stone. To earn these points, community activities such as token swaps, asset purchases, Twitter follows and shares are required. Membership levels are provided in a total of 10 tiers based on the points, and users receive benefits based on their levels. Please note that the benefits are subject to change at any time.

    2. NFT Market place of PlayKingdom onboarded apps.

    3. Providing Whitepaper: Whitepaper is provided to find information regarding digital assets such as PKT, K3K etc

  1. “Member" refers to a person who linked his/her own blockchain wallet account with the procedures required by the Company and using PlayKingdom Service.

  2. “User” refers to a person who is using PlayKingdom Service without linking a blockchain wallet account. (However, users who did not link their blockchain wallet account can not use the STAKING, DEX and Bridge service.)

  3. “Apps” refers to all types of electronic applications.

  4. “Digital Asset” refers not limited to blockchain technology but all blockchain based items or data including cryptocurrency, game token, coin, NFT and other derivative digital assets etc.

  5. “NFT(Non-fungible Token)” refers to any digital asset on blockchain that is not mutually interchangeable with other tokens. Within the Service, certain in-game items are provided as NFT.

  6. “Cryptocurrency” refers to coin (cryptocurrency issued based on independent blockchain network mainnet) and token (cryptocurrency issued on mainnet such as open public chain without independent blockchain network mainnet). On PlayKingdom Platform, PKT Token is used as key currency that can be exchanged with game tokens or used as a means of purchase.

  7. “Utility Token” refers to the tokens that can be used for using the contents of app service on PlayKingdom platform or medium of exchange(token) such as purchasing game items, and more of such.

  8. “PlayKingdom Platform” refers to the entire blockchain based services the Company provides such as PlayKingdom DEX, NFT MARKET etc. In PLAYKINGDOM platform, you can use services such as trading, DeFi(decentralized financial services) e.g. PlayKingdom, various utility tokens, and NFT etc.

  9. “Defi(decentralized financial services)” refers to financial services embodied on the blockchain network that do not go through centralized financial institutions.

Article 3 Service

The Company offers a variety of services which may include purchasing, trading or exchange contents. To interact with our STAKING Services, a user and member must have a registered account or blockchain wallet. Product information, pricing and availability of products listed in the PlayKingdom Platform are subject to change at all times.

  1. Detailed Guide Terms by Services

Prior to using the PlayKingdom Service, please read carefully the Detailed Guide Terms by Services. Proper use and precaution will be provided when a user or member uses the PlayKingdom Service. Digital assets may be required for use of some services and fees may occur depending on the service use. When the user or member uses PlayKingdom Service or service directly connected to the PlayKingdom Service, please be aware that the user or member agrees to the precautions, detailed guide terms etc. that the Service provides. Due to the characteristics of the blockchain technology, used digital assets etc. such as transactions occurred with purchase etc., can not be returned.

  1. Coin and Dapp Information through PlayKingdom Platform

The Company may provide informational service regarding values or trading status(market price) of each digital asset through PlayKingdom Platform. Nonetheless, it does not guarantee a completeness or integrity of the information provided. The user or member can terminate the service or reject the use anytime.

There are various types of app genres that PLAYKINGDOM PLAY introduces and methods of acquiring digital assets may differ according to the type of app. User or member must agree to the separate policies like terms and conditions and privacy policy when using the dapp service and responsibility for service use is with the dapp service provider. Thus, the Company is not responsible for changes of digital asset value due to changes in contents, policies within the dapp.

  1. Stake

Staking is a practice through which token holders store or deposit their tokens in a designated location for a certain period of time. The Company may provide Staking service of digital assets supported in the Service, in which members can freely participate and expect Staking rewards. When a member participates in the Company’s Staking Service, a member agrees to deposit and allow the Company to store member’s tokens for a period of time. Staking Service is optional and a member is not required to stake with the company and can opt-out of any staking services at any time.

In some services of the Staking Service, rewards can be redeemed after storing for some period of time and penalties specipied in the service may be applied when the staking is canceled. The Company does not ,in any situation, guarantee about the changes in digital assets value.

The expected Staking rewards may occur under the blockchain rules of the tokens staked. However, The Company DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the member will receive a fixed Staking reward rate. The Company may change or suspend the details of Staking Service by enacting or revising the ‘Company’. The Company may provide specific details of Staking Service usage on a separate Service Page. When utilizing the Staking Service, a member agrees that the details of Staking Service are susceptible to change, in accordance with blockchain network, technology, environment, and more. Please note that you agree to these Staking Terms set out in this document when you utilize Staking Service or services directly connected to the Service.

The tax treatment of Digital Asset transactions is uncertain, and it is the member’s responsibility to determine what taxes, if any, arise from these transactions. Members are solely responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes arising from staking through The Company's Staking Service and all related transactions, and acknowledge that the Company does not provide investment, legal, or tax advice to a member in connection with such election to participate. A member should conduct their own due diligence and consult advisors before making any investment decision including whether to participate in Staking Service and related transactions.

  1. Defi

DeFi is a service which allows holders of PlayKingdom Platform digital assets to access decentralized financial services. The Company provides services such as Swap, where you can exchange digital assets at the market price in an optimum method. Pool, where members can provide their digital assets to the Pool and Staking, where members can receive rewards after their digital assets are staked. By freely taking part in these services, members may obtain rewards. When the Member participated in Company’s DeFi service, it is deemed that the Member agreed that the Company provides financial service using the Member’s digital asset. DeFi service is optional and the Member can reject or suspend the service anytime. The partial service among DeFi services can receive rewards using digital assets and may receive a specified penalties when canceling currently participating service.The Company, in any circumstances, does not guarantee the value fluctuation of digital assets of services provided in DeFi. Expected rewards of Service may occur according to rules such as blockchain contracts etc. The Company, under fixed conditions, may change or suspend DeFi service content by enacting or reforming the ‘Company’. The Company may provide detailed content about DeFi service use at a separate service page. When using the Service, the Member agrees that each service content may change according to blockchain network, technology, and environment etc. It is deemed that Members agree to the Terms of Service specified in this document when using the service directly connected to the DeFi service or the Service. The tax treatment of digital asset transactions is uncertain, and it is the member’s responsibility to determine what taxes, if any, arise from these transactions. Members are solely responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes arising from company’s PlayKingdom service and all related transactions, and acknowledge that the company does not provide investment, legal, or tax advice to a member in connection with such election to participate. Members should conduct their own due diligence and consult advisors before making any investment decision including whether to participate in PlayKingdom service and related transactions.

5. Point Reward and Membership

PlayKingdom offers a Membership and Point System that is governed by the following terms and conditions.

Points: PlayKingdom provides three types of points, namely Red Stone, Blue Stone, and Purple Stone. These points are awarded based on user activity and actions within the platform.

Obtaining Purple Stone: Purple Stone can be obtained by synthesizing Red Stone and Blue Stone. Users can earn these points by actively participating in community activities such as token swaps, asset purchases, Twitter follows, and shares.

Membership Levels: The Membership System consists of 10 tiers based on the accumulated points. Each tier represents a specific membership level, and users are assigned a level based on their total points.

Benefits: Users are entitled to receive various benefits based on their membership levels. The specific benefits associated with each level will be communicated to users. It is important to note that these benefits are subject to change by PlayKingdom at any time without prior notice.

Points and Membership Level Updates: The points and membership levels will be updated periodically based on user activity and the accumulation of points. Users will be notified of any changes to their membership level or benefits.

Termination or Modification: PlayKingdom reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Membership and Point System at its discretion. This includes changes to the point allocation, membership levels, benefits, or any other aspect of the system.

User Responsibility: Users are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of their PlayKingdom account and any associated points. Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in fraudulent activities or attempting to manipulate the system to gain unfair advantages.

Points Transfer: Points accumulated within the PlayKingdom platform are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any form of currency or digital assets outside the platform.

General Terms: By participating in the Membership and Point System, users agree to comply with all applicable terms and conditions set forth by PlayKingdom. PlayKingdom reserves the right to enforce these terms and take appropriate action in case of any violation or abuse of the system.

Article 4 Use of PlayKingdom Service

  1. Effect and modification of Terms of Service

The Company, if deemed necessary, can modify these Terms of Service to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. Any modified contents shall be announced or notified by Company via electronic methods, including, but not limited to : email address, electronic notice in the Service or pop-up message. Please note that a user or member acknowledges and accepts that these Terms of Service and/or the Service may be amended, modified, or altered at any time without a notice at discretion of the Company.

Continued use of the Service after any modifications of these Terms of Service shall constitute the user or members consent and acceptance of any such changes, modifications, or alterations. If a user or member does not agree to the revised Terms of Service, the user or member may terminate the Service Agreement through discontinuation of use of Service or withdraw membership at any time. The date of the most recent modifications will be indicated at the top of these Terms of Service.

  1. User and Member’s Consent and Negligence

By using the Company’s Service, user or member agree with following conditions under the applicable law :

    1. User or member has all necessary knowledge to deal with digital items and/or Blockchain-based systems, have a full understanding of their framework, are aware of all the merits, risks and any restrictions associated with digital assets.

    2. User or member will neither use the Service for any illegal activity nor shall be engaged in any illegal activity.

    3. A user or member solely controls their credentials (email address, password or other information provided for the purpose of the Service use) and does not act on behalf of any third party.

    4. To provide better Service, the Company may display in the Service Page or send out via email various information including notices, admin messages and other advertisements regarding use of the Service.

  1. Warranty

The service may contain contents of the company’s partners, vendors, developers, etc. and/or links to third-party websites and services. Such services and/or links are provided for users’ convenience, and the company does not guarantee, suggest or imply the safety of any third-party website or the legality or conformity of any such third-party service.

The company is not responsible for maintaining any materials referenced from another site, and makes no warranties, nor endorsement for that site or respective service. The company assumes no obligations in the event of any damage or loss, or any other impact, directly or indirectly resulting from the use of any content, goods or services available on or through any such third-party services and resources. Please also note that these services may have their own policies. The company is not responsible nor liable in any way to you or any third party in respect of those policies.

  1. Updates

The Company may deploy or provide patches, updates, upgrades, content or other modifications to the Services for reasonable purposes. These updates may result in the Services being temporarily unavailable. In certain circumstances, we may suspend, withdraw or disable the Service for longer periods while we deploy these updates.

Service suspension due to any of the causes shall be notified or announced through email or pop-up message from the Service. Any causes that the Company is unable to predict, nor control shall be an exception of prior notification or announcement. However, even for such exceptional causes, the Company shall exert its utmost effort to recover the Service at the earliest possible time.

  1. Naming Policy

Naming Policy is applicable to all names selected by users in the Service provided by the Company. Generally, all IDs can be created without any restriction. However, the names that violate the naming policy shown below can be arbitrarily deleted or changed at the sole discretion of the Company.

    1. Any form of name that is offensive to others (including, but not limited to, abuse, slander, criticism, violent words)

    2. A name that is anti-social and contrary to applicable laws

    3. A name related to illegal activities

    4. A name that slanders or defames specific group, race or religion

    5. A name that may invade the trademark rights of other third parties

    6. A similar name that impersonates another user

    7. A name deemed to have advertising intent (including the purpose of promotion and profit of a specific organization)

    8. A name related to PlayKingdom Platform etc. (A name that may mislead service provision of the Company. Examples include PlayKingdom Team, Administrator, Operator, assistant and NPC impersonation)

    9. A name that slanders or defends a specific politician or political party.

    10. Other names that may impede healthy Service operation.

The Company may take prompt action in accordance with the Naming Policy on names that may not be on the list above, but may cause discomfort to other users.

  1. Fraud Policy

Fraudulent activity within the service refers to any activity that intentionally deceives other users for profit. The Company may restrict fraudulent users to create a healthy PlayKingdom Service environment. Recovery measures for damages incurred by fraudulent activity are not provided, for such damage is caused by personal carelessness and negligence.

  1. Account Theft Policy

    1. Account theft refers to any activity that damages a member's account information (including, but not limited to ID, password, email, asset, private key, mnemonic phrase etc.) by extortion of information registered in the account.

    2. Account theft is a violation of applicable laws and regulations, and the Company is not responsible for any civil or criminal actions that may occur internally or externally to users in such violation. In addition, if it is confirmed that the personal information of another user has been used illegally without consent of the user, the use of Service of all accounts related to account theft may be restricted.

    3. In the case of account theft, recovery measures for incurred damages are not provided, for such account theft is fully attributable to the user who has failed to fulfill own obligation to protect personal information.

  2. Failure Recovery Policy

Digital assets that have been lost due to technical errors or bugs while using the Service will be recovered to the extent to which the Service is not overwhelmed, after record confirmation. However, changed data attributed to personal carelessness and negligence of the user or member cannot be recovered.

  1. Protection and Use of Personal Information

The Company, pursuant to the related law, strives to protect member’s personal information, and complies with the related law and Company’s Privacy Policy regarding protection and use of Personal Information. On the contrary, excluding the Service provided by the Company, the Company’s Privacy Policy does not apply to the linked services and such linked services are bound to the service provider’s Privacy Policy.

Pursuant to the characteristics of the Service, introductory information such as nickname, character picture which are irrelevant to the member’s personal information may be disclosed.

The Company does not provide member’s personal information without consent of the account holder unless requested by the national institutions to abide by the related law.

The Company is not responsible for damage done with exposure of personal information due to attributable reasons of the member.

Article 5 Obligations of Contracting Parties

  1. The following activities are prohibited

    • Inappropriate or unjustifiably use of other user or member’s account and password.

    • Upload lewd materials, disparaging or inappropriate materials, or connect (link) such websites on the bulletin board or any public space or the Service.

    • Violate or infringe other rights of the Company or a third-party including copyright.

    • Cause malfunction of equipment, and/or destroy and disrupt information related to the Service.

    • Collect, store and/or disclose other member's personal information.

    • Circulate false information to provide oneself or others with proprietary benefits, or to damage others.

    • Publish any information (including computer program) prohibited by the relevant laws and regulations.

    • Impersonate any officer or administrator of the Company or Partners, or illegally use another user’s name.

    • Other Illegal acts or any act that impedes operation of the Service.

    • The management and responsibility of protection of the private key, log in account, log in password, private key password, and, recovery phrase (collectively “generated information”) related to the Service of the PlayKingdom platform etc. such as digital asset transfer, swap etc. is with the user and the member. It should not be used by a third party.

    • If the user or the member’s generated information has been stolen, exposed, lost, or damaged, the Company can’t provide any help as per characteristics of decentralized service

    • If the user or the member has lost an access to their blockchain wallet or generated information and did not separately save it in the backup and lost access to all previously accessed digital asset, the responsibility of such result is solely with the user and the member and acknowledge and agree that the Company is not responsible for it.

    • The lost digital asset can’t be returned.

    • Unless a user or member abides by the relevant laws and regulations, these Terms of Service and all policies of the Company, his/her use of the Service and online activities may be investigated; his/her use of the Service may be temporarily or continuously suspended.

  2. Suspension on Use of Service

  3. User Responsibility

Through use of the Service, user and member are deemed to have fully agreed that they are solely responsible for the use of login and password of their account, protection of any registration data provided for account creation, and for any actions conducted during account usage. A User and member shall not share generated information such as account related to the Service, password, recovery phrase, and private key to anyone and shall manage and protect it by him/her self.

A user and member hereby agree with the following conditions related to the in-app item and digital asset.

    • The Service provided by the Company refers to the inclusive entirety of the Company provided website, wallet and such, which is accessible through PC, tablet, mobile or any electronic device. The Company is not responsible for any in-app and/or digital assets related.

    • The responsibility of the Company is only with the service operation and management and it does not act as an intermediary of seller or buyer of in-app item and/or digital asset. The user and the member are fully and directly responsible for trade between parties and shared information.

    • The blockchain wallet password, recovery phrase, and private key are not saved anywhere and those are information that Member must manage. All transactions are processed by signature by the Member. Thus, the password, recovery phase, and private key required for transaction signature must be managed by the Member and strengthen its security. Member is responsible for the entire management.

  1. Use Restrictions in High-Risk regions

To prevent illegal activities, including money laundering, while using PlayKingdom Services, the Company reserves the right to designate high-risk regions in accordance with international guidelines such as OFAC Sanctioned Countries, and restrict access to PlayKingdom Services in those regions. The following regions have been designated as high-risk regions and access to PlayKingdom Services is restricted in those regions. This list may be subject to change to comply with international guidelines or regulations.

    • Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, regions of Ukraine (Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk), The Balkans, Belarus, Burma(Myanmar), Central African Republic, Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Article 6 Service Termination

If a member wishes to terminate the Service, the member may withdraw membership in accordance with procedures set by the Company through membership withdrawal function.

  1. Upon withdrawal, a member cannot log into PlayKingdom Service and use of the Service is restricted.

  2. Upon withdrawal, all information related to PlayKingdom Service is deleted and cannot be recovered.

  3. Upon withdrawal, you cannot re-register with the same email address.

  4. Upon completion of termination, a member’s information will be removed from the Service. However, due to technological characteristics of Blockchain, data related to Blockchain cannot be deleted.

Article 7 Copyright

  1. Property of Copyright

The copyright and the other intellectual property of the entire PlayKingdom Service and contents in the Service made by the Company belongs to the Company.

The user and the member must not use information belonging as an intellectual property of the Company or a provider acquired during service use provided the Company by replicating⋅transmitting etc. (includes editing, publishing, performing, distributing, broadcasting, writing derivative content etc.) for profit or make other use it without prior consent by the Company or the provider. The Company, with the below methods and conditions, permits the user and the member to use communication, image, sound, and all materials and information (the “User Contents”) including chat texts related to the Service or displayed in the Service uploaded or sent by the member or other user through the Service.

    1. Using, changing in form of editing and modifying such User Contents (can be used in any kind of form such as publicating, replicating, performing, transmitting, distributing, broadcasting, writing derivative content etc. and has no restriction of use period or location)

    2. Shall not do acts such as selling, renting, and transferring User Contents for the purpose of trading without prior consent of the user who created the User Content.

    3. The Company does not use member’s User Contents which are not displayed within the Service or integrated with the Service (e.g. posts uploaded in users’ bulletin) and the User or the member can delete such User Contents anytime.

    4. The Company, with its discretion, can delete or transfer posts uploaded or submitted in the Service by the user or the member without prior notice if it is confirmed as a violation of Article 5 Obligations of Contracting Parties and may reject its application.

    5. The user or the member who’s profit has been invaded legally due to posted information in community, bulletin operated by the Company can submit a deletion of such information or refutation to the Company. The Company shall promptly act with necessary action and notify the applicant.

  1. Obligation of the User and the Member

The user and the member can’t replicate, transmit, distribute, use the Service or all materials included without written prior consent of the Company and can’t use the Service or all materials included for the commercial purpose of an individual. Thus, the user and the member can’t lease, sell below license, transfer the Service or inclusive materials. The user and the member is prohibited from deleting, hiding, or editing content, property, intellectual property or any or all rights related to the Service.

During use of the service, the user and the member must not display the third party’s product or the Service such as the Company or third service provider’s name, brand, etc or have the same display with the third party’s business or generate or use similar display.

This article remains in effect during the service operation of the Company and applies constantly after end of service use or termination of the membership.

Article 8 Indemnification and Immunity

  1. Indemnification for Damage

The Company or user and the member have a responsibility to indemnify the damage if one violates the terms and does damages to the other party unless it was intentional or negligence. If the Company signed a partnership with a separate service provider and provides the separate service to the member and the user or the member agrees with the terms and conditions of this separate service and if the separate service provider does damage to the individual with intention or by negligence, the separate service provider has responsibility for the damage occurred.

  1. Company’s Immunity

The Company is not responsible for not being able to provide service due to natural disaster or force majeure of such level.

The Company is not responsible for damages caused by other reasons such as remuneration, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities unless it was the company's intentional or negligence.

The Company is not responsible for the failure of using the service due to the intentional or negligence of the user or member unless the user or member has an inevitable or legitimate reason.

The Company is not responsible regarding the reliability and accuracy of information and data etc. published by the user or member in relation to the service unless intentional or with negligence.

The Company is not obliged to intervene in transactions or disputes caused by the user or other members or others, and is not responsible for damages.

The Company is not liable for damages incurred to the users or members regarding the use of the services provided. Unless, it is the company's intentional or negligence.

The Company is not responsible when users or members did not earn expected profit or loss while using the Service.

The Company is not responsible for the price fluctuations of digital assets etc. of the user and the member.

The Company is not responsible for issues occurring with personal information management such as ID, password, email, blockchain wallet password, private key, recovery phrase etc. due to negligence of the user or member.

The Company is not responsible if the function of the service cannot be used due to changes in electronic devices such as PCs and mobile devices, changes in mobile number, changes in the operating system (OS) version, changes in overseas roaming, and telecommunications company, unless it is the company's intentional or negligence.

The Company is not responsible if the user or the member deleted the account information provided by the Company, unless it is the company's intentional or negligence.

The Company is not responsible for the loss occurred during the service use by a guest who is not a member, unless it is the company's intentional or negligence.

Article 9 Others

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Service shall be governed by South Korea law and shall be interpreted, governed and construed accordingly. User and member consent to designate the courts of South Korea as the competent court for any disputes or lawsuits arising in relation to these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

  1. Language

    • User and member agree that even in the event that the translated version of the English Terms of Service is provided, the translated version is provided only for convenience of the user and member, and solely the English Terms of Service shall apply to the relation between the user and the Company.

    • In the event of discrepancies between the English Terms of Service and any translated version of the Terms of Service, the English Terms of Service shall be prioritized.

  2. Possibility of Separation

If any part of these terms of service is found illegal, invalid, or unprecedented in relevant local laws or jurisdictions of related courts, the relevant provisions are abolished and the remaining terms and conditions are continuously valid.

Notification Date : [2023.06.19]

Execution Date : [2023.06.19]

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