The marketing feature provides a wide range of promotional opportunities for users and opportunities for growth and promotion for developers and influencers.

DA (Display Adverting)

Play Kingdom offers diverse display advertising (DA) opportunities. Display marketing is possible on the main page of the platform, banners, ranking pages, and within the Dapp. The budget for DA is carried out with PKT, and developers can purchase PKT to apply.

Event & Quest

Developers or influencers can create various Events and Quests to increase their influence and boost participation. This can include accomplishing specific contents within the Dapp or achieving a certain level. Users who complete the Event & Quest can receive PKT rewards. Developers or influencers can purchase PKT to apply for conducting an Event & Quest.

Fan Token

In Play Kingdom, if an influencer becomes the Best Influencer through governance procedures, they can issue a Fan Token. Each Fan Token can be exchanged with PKT, and it can be used for supporting the specific influencer or for their content.

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