Guild Onboarding

What is Guild

Guilds are communities of users within Play Kingdom who engage in activities together for specific reasons such as having a common geographic location or purpose.

Guild Community

At the Guild tab, Play Kingdom supports community bulletin boards for each guild. Only guild members can post articles, recruit new guild members, and take other actions to make the guild more active and sizable.

Creating a new guild

If a new external guild joins or a new guild is created within Play Kingdom, anyone can apply for registration as an official guild within Play Kingdom. To be registered as an official guild, certain minimum conditions based on Play Kingdom Guild policies must be met, and a small amount of PKT must be paid. If too many guilds are created and the activity level of Play Kingdom becomes too high, new guilds can only be created for those that have been approved by Governance.

Initial Guilds

In Phase 1 of Play Kingdom, the official partner guilds of K3K (K-3 Kingdoms), Play Kingdom's own game, can register and create their communities for free. The initial guild list is as follows:

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