Service Value

Users can trade assets acquired through purchases, trades, and rewards within Dapp in the Marketplace. It is possible to protect the value of various assets generated in the game through free trade.

Major Transaction Items

  • Digital assets such as NFTs and various tokens,

  • Game items (weapons, skins, etc.)

  • Other user-created content, etc.

Transactions Through Utility Tokens

Users can trade assets within each Dapp using the respective Dapp's utility tokens. They can immediately buy and sell assets using tokens obtained as rewards, enabling users to conveniently exchange assets. Developers assist in the growth of users within the Dapp by providing them with a marketplace that offers convenience and low fees.

Transaction Through PKT

Play Kingdom supports the transaction through PKT using items and assets of all games. Play Kingdom supports stable transactions through PKT with high usability and liquidity, and it has excellent convenience. In order to enhance the usability and convenience of PKT, Play Kingdom provides the drastically lowered fee allocated to Play Kingdom when a transaction is made with PKT.

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