Play Kingdom enhances operational transparency and reliability of value through user-oriented governance.

What is Governance?

It is a system where users who make up the platform can participate and decide various decisions within the Play Kingdom. Governance of Play Kingdom operates on the blockchain and determines the policy direction of the network in a decentralized and independent form.


vPKT is the right to vote in Play Kingdom through which users can participate in important decision-making. By staking PKT and utility tokens, users can receive vPKT, the vote token of Play Kingdom, in addition to the basic rewards set by the studio. The more tokens a user deposits over a longer period of time, the more vPKT he or she can earn.

Governance Page

Users can view the list and status of all governance in Play Kingdom at a glance on the Governance Page tab. They can use their voting rights, vPKT, to pursue their own interests. Governance agenda is open to various participants.

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