Having experienced the early market of the blockchain industry, we've come to understand the many challenges associated with integrating blockchain into existing services, the conditions necessary for successful operation of Web3.0 services, and the reasons for numerous failure cases.

We are well aware of the difficulty in co-existing values of popularization and decentralization. Despite this, the application market now anticipates a shift to a new world. In line with this trend, we are focusing on overcoming obstacles to satisfy both the consumers and suppliers in the market.​

1. Service Quality

Most of the initial Dapps launched in the market to date have been criticized for their lower level of completion compared to Web2 applications. Each Dapp must be equipped with appropriate features to serve its purpose, and in the case of games, they should fundamentally allow players to play for fun. However, the blockchain market is still dominated by simple replica Dapps of Web2 applications and games that reuse faded IPs. Users prioritize enjoyment over profits

2. Entry Barriers of Developers

There are many conditions that must be met for a successful Web3 service. Significant success can only be achieved when all conditions, such as token value stability, prevention of inflation, engaging content, a steady influx of new users, and a well-structured ecosystem, are satisfied. Unfortunately, many existing developers lack extensive experience with blockchain. For them, creating engaging content and building a reasonable blockchain ecosystem simultaneously presents a formidable challenge.

3. Distributed Community

Compared to the traditional market, the Web3 market significantly lacks platforms and publishers. As a result, early stage Web3 projects have to handle areas of publishing and marketing themselves. Even more, with the emergence of numerous mainnets, communities have become decentralized, causing difficulties for developers in setting targets and navigating the marketing landscape. This, in turn, leads to a vicious cycle that gradually weakens the quality of the services.

4. Entry Barriers of Users

Users also experience considerable challenges in the Web3 market. Many existing users are still not familiar with the concept of Private Wallets. The diversity of tokens, networks, ecosystems, and monetization methods that exist for each service only amplifies this issue.

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