Ranking Rewards

Developers onboarded on Play Kingdom can operate a reward system for players who contribute to the Dapp. Depending on the need, developers can freely set $PKT or their own tokens as rewards and strategically utilize them.

What is Ranking?

The Ranking system allows you to check the rankings and status of various Dapps playable on the Play Kingdom platform. The Ranking System, along with various sorting features, helps you grasp trends and find the content you want.

Criteria for Ranking Selection

  • Grades

  • Downloads

  • Daily active users (DAU)

  • vPKT Governance score

  • Number of registered guilds

  • Social score, etc.

Ranking Reward for Studio

Dapps located in the top rankings of Play Kingdom through excellent content and active community can receive additional PKT to be used as in-service rewards. Ranking Reward leads to a virtuous cycle of content enhancement and marketing for developers, and user influx to Play Kingdom.

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