PKT (Play Kingdom Token)

PKT is the platform utility token of Play Kingdom.

PKT can be used in all services and content provided by Play Kingdom, and is utilized in conjunction with various services and events. PKT avoids the simple mining type of reward method, and is designed to enhance the sustainability of the community and Play Kingdom platform.

PKT for Studio

PKT is a multipurpose token intended to support the entry of developers into Web3.0 and the onboarding and activation of Play Kingdom.

In Play Kingdom, there are not only Based on Blockchain applications, but also Web2.0 services that aim to enter the trend of the Web3.0 market and wish to launch globally beyond borders. These developers can purchase PKT in Play Kingdom and distribute it as rewards to users without the complex tokenomics design process.

Within Play Kingdom, there is a team with long experience and outstanding marketing skills. Also, by paying PKT to influencers within Play Kingdom, content promotion and community building become possible.

PKT for Users

A wide range of PKT applications leads to a great deal of demand. PKT holds excellent value as a user reward. PKT promotes the activation of developer services within a model where indiscriminate supply is limited. As users' utilization of PKT within Dapp grows, the sustainability of the Play Kingdom ecosystem and the value of the token increase.

PKT is applied to various utilities as follows.

  • Play Kingdom membership service

  • Purchase of various dapp goods from the Marketplace

  • Purchase of Pass ticket

  • Guild open

  • Influencer registration

  • Staking through utility token and pair pool formation

  • DAO contribution through vPKT creation

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